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Meet Anna Andromeda. Anna describes her life as always gravitating towards beauty.

Further, Anna has always prided herself in being voluptuous and preaching self-love.

“I have always gravitated toward beauty. and being voluptuous I always loved myself and I realized my curves were a blessing and I accepted my gift.”

Currently, Anna is based out of Louisville, Kentucky but she frequently visits Los Angeles from time to time.

Aside from modeling, she has also took a recent interest in acting. She was just casted in a move that will be filming soon:

I’m also in the process of tackling acting. I was just added to the cast of a movie that’ll be filming soon. I’m super excited and humbled about that opportunity.

Since the beginning, Anna has always knew it was her purpose to help women of all shapes and sizes obtain a positive body image.

For her, obtaining that level of self-love is actually one of her own personal missions.

It is so important to me. I love to see women feel confident and beautiful in their skin. Being tall (5'9”) and curvy I still have a few obstacles to overcome. I’m small in the real world with emphasized attributes so that makes me more on the voluptuous side. In the modeling world that can be challenging at times.

Aside from helping women obtain a better positive body image — Anna has a career in modeling.

One of her first shoots was for a cosmetic brand; that she describes as being a very humbling experience for her.

For her, it was the first time in her career where she felt her “professional ambition” beginning to fuel.

I respected how the owner of the brand was passionate. During the shoot, her professionalism was tested by individuals who I believe wanted to ruin her shoot intentionally. They had the most awful worst vibes. She remained professional and focused on the shoot. Her strength really motivated me to go above and beyond to give my best to the shoot.

For Anna, working with brands, her management, photographers, her MUA hairstylist, and shoot’s assistants truly makes the work all worth while.

I love knowing everyone is working together and everyone is building and focused on the projects. I respect everyone so much.

Anna is not only a model, aspiring actress, and fashionista but she is also a loving mother.

My son, my young king, is real life and breathing for me. As well as I am always so happy for no reason. Sometimes I vibe in my own little world to stay focused on keeping great energy, great vibes. I just love to smile. Not to repeat any previous response but waking up being in every day of life is a celebration.

Anna plans to someday work with more international brands like Gucci and Versace.

At the end of the day, for hard working professionals she is certain that it is the amazing individuals behind the scenes who make her love her passion even more.

She describes it as having a “career family;” a family in which she has learned so much from.

I have the most amazing individuals behind the scenes. My career family is so unique and beautiful. I have learned so much from everyone professionally and they definitely keep me grounded. I appreciate having these people to push me professionally and vibe with on a personal level. I am probably too comfortable in my skin. That’s good and crazy sometimes. I have an amazing life filled with beautiful creative and genuine inspiration that I’m continuously building on. I’m loving personal and professional growth. I feel like I still have so much more to accomplish. So many more experiences and goals. Ask that question in another year and I’ll have a phenomenal answer.

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