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2 min readJul 25, 2022


“A kid who experienced a parent deportation, who vividly seen everything with his own eyes everything that was occurring in the eviction from superior forces.

The trauma lived in his life for a timeline. Let’s Go Back in Time, just a little, before this tragedy, Jordi grew up in the neighborhood by “Washington Ave.” and “Holt Ave.” in Pomona California. Very Active Neighborhood Back in the days.

Jordi’s Family was a Mexican Family which pretty much was really focus on Sports and well known as a “Soccer Family” back in the days. But Jordi was very different, every time music would come on, he could not hold it, he had to sing and dance.

So back in time when he was about 5 to 7 years old, his father was a Part-Time DJ

which when he had events, he would take him out as a Surprise Guest and Jordi would perform as different artists.

THE KING OF PAIN is what they call him.

Jordi is his real name; He had no option but to follow his parents to a different country. When one day he realizes that his true future is where he was born, raised & grew, Pomona, California: P-Town.

He realizes he had to make a BIG DECISION At the Age of 15 years old, He’s Big Brother was already in Pomona, So Jordi decided to pursue his future.

Jordi left at 15-year-old, from his Parent’s house and started to pursue his dream. Thanks to his big brother he was able to success and support each other as a family.

THE KING OF PAIN will make a strong impact to this world. Where he is going to heal a lot of people through his music and pain transmitting his power through songs.

The Movie he will create, already happen with a big impact.

I Present to the world KING JORDIS, THE KING OF PAIN.”

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