Meet Jessenia: A Multi-Faceted Talent Sensation

Introducing Jessenia Mills, a singer-songwriter, actress and photographer from a small town Spring Hope, North Carolina. The young woman comes from a line of multi-faceted singers, so the talent surely lingers in her blood.

Jessenia is very talented in several aspects as we found. She not only sings and acts, but she has been dancing since she was only 3 years old whilst her mother would sing her 90s albums.

The more we talked to Jessenia, the more we wanted to learn about her!

You probably don’t want to mess with a gal like Jessenia considering that she has also been taught Taekwondo by her father and used to call herself ‘a singing ballerina assassin.’

She wrote her first song ‘Speak’when she turned 13; a song that was based off of the novel ‘Speak’ that sheread in class.

The feedback that she received after releasing ‘Speak’ was so overwhelming and motivating that she just couldn’t wait to produce more of her own music.

For Jessenia however, the road wasn’talways easy.

After graduating from school and actively seeking to pursue a career in acting and music, things got a lot tougher.

She quickly learned that pursuing these types of dreams wasn’t easy at all.

With lots of setbacks,like having to work in order to afford to pursue her dreams, Jessenia learned that doing both was taking up too much of her time.

So, Jessenia made a decision to move back in with her parents and really give her passiona fair fighting chance.

She prides herself on showing people what a true role model should be like and the sacrifices that sometimes need to be made in order to fulfill your dreams.

Want to find out more about Jessenia Mills, then check out her socials below:


Instagram: Follow Jessenia

Spotify: Listen here



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