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American songwriter, video producer, screenplay creator & International recording artist Jeffrey Luigi Saint Louis, professionally known as “Super Luigi” or “Super Lu” for short, hit the scene in 2016 after being aired on one of New York City’s biggest radio station “Z100” (this segment can be found on iHeart radio — Nov 18, 2016).

Prior to getting on the station, Super Lu had met Z100’s Audio Production Director “Coaster Boy Josh” who really liked a song Super Luigi had played for him. That’s when Coaster Boy made a promise that if Luigi leaked the song out to him, he, Coaster Boy Josh, would have it played on Elvis Duran & The Morning Zoo the following morning on the show.

This show starred one of the biggest radio personalities in the U.S “Elvis Durand” & his co-host “Radio Danielle” who still follows Super Luigi on IG to this day. During the segment of the show, they dropped Super Lu’s Instagram handle “@itsmeSuperLuigi” after playing his song, which resulted in Luigi witnessing an instant influx in his following.

Once Luigi saw the power of a “shout out” from an established platform, he was convinced that there was a lane for him to follow his heart whilst excelling & succeeding in this business . At this point, Super Luigi then made a vow that he would no longer waste time procrastinating & would embark on this journey immediately, building his catalog of countless hits.

Today, Super Luigi has well over 100+ brand new unreleased songs as well as 20+ unreleased music videos, ready to drop at will. You can now find many of his releases on some of the most popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

Surprisingly, Super Luigi has attained well over 100 thousand views on just Youtube alone, before finally making his official debut release on all major streaming music platforms on July 21, 2021. Super Lu dropped a music video called “who dis” alongside a well renowned YouTuber by the name of “Moe Bradberry” one half of the Moe and Ethan Channel formally known as “Ock TV” a channel that obtained almost 3 million youtube subscribers during its golden ages during the YouTube prankster era, when the duo were known for their early pranks in 2015.

Nonetheless, this video quickly reached over 110k views in just weeks after being released on a smaller channel with only 6k subs that Moe made strictly for his new career in music. Luigi also has a recorded song & music with rising star “Millyz” an artist out of the East Coast who is signed to one of the biggest Hip Hop Moguls and Legends “Jadakiss” who had a massive year in the summer of 2021 when his streams went up over 200% a day after his performance at the “Verzuz Battle” in Madison Square Garden.

Last but not least, apart from all of this, Super Lu has also recorded a song with “Omeretta the Great” who currently carries one of the most poplar names in Atlanta and in the South as a whole. Lu also has an upcoming potential feature with “Dave East” & G Herbo in the works.

Early Life

Super Luigi was born Jeffrey Luigi Saint Louis in Boston City, Massachusetts on Draper street to two immigrant Haitian parents who first settled in Brooklyn, NY before relocating to Dorchester a city of Boston, years later. Super Luigi spent much of his childhood going on trips back and forth from Boston City to NYC, a ride that took about two and a half to four hours depending on which part of Massachusetts he was living in.

Much of Luigi’s family remained in the New York or Miami and did not come to Boston. NYC, Miami, Texas, Louisiana, Memphis & Cali rap had a huge impact on Super Luigi’s love for hip hop music growing up. Super’s love for music also stemmed from his father’s love for music.

When Super Lu’s father had custody of him, Lu although a small child could remember his father blasting Bob Marley, TLC, Madonna, 2pac, Biggie, Haitian/Latin music and many more other sounds of the 90s. Luigi can still recollect most of these memories dating back to even a year old due to his eidetic memory.

Super Lu 1st picked up the mic when he was 5 years old when his mother bought a boom box radio, from an old long gone department store from the 90s named “Bradlees”, which came with a microphone & a double tape cassette deck that could record music simultaneously while songs from the radio would play.

Super would play the radio and record himself reciting the lyrics almost perfectly even at this very young age, of almost every song that would play on the radio. Super Luigi was able to memorize and recite ever piece of the song word for word.

Super Luigi used to go by the name J-Lu which was a nickname derived from his actual name, given to him by his basketball coach & teammates his freshman year of high school. He continued to go by this nickname which stuck with him all throughout the rest of his youth, where it even stuck with him when he became a local star his junior in high school year after performing his first ever rap “Top Tenz” at a talent show (which ended up going viral on YouTube before being taken down for licensing issues during the early days of YouTube).

After running into legal trouble alongside a few of his peers from high school, he soon found himself taking a break from his promising music career to focus on self reflection, his life and where it was headed if he didn’t slow down & thats when he found basketball to be his safe haven after almost throwing his entire life away to the streets & system .

Years later, Luigi eventually made a come back & hit the scene a more wiser, better, & refined, version of himself, a “Super” version of himself is what he called it, in which he ended up re-branding his name his old street name “j-Lu” to his new stage name “Super Lu” or “Super Luigi” after linking up with Coaster boy Josh, who made Super Lu believe that his vision to be a rap star & icon was attainable.

Since then, Luigi has figured out a gorilla marketing strategy where he was able to obtain 1,000 organic YouTube subscribers in just one week in a random city “Las Vegas” a place he has never been before and plans to re-use this same exact technique in all the other 49 states of the U.S before the year is over, then eventually the world.

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