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Emma, only 18, is starting her career off on the right path. Born on October 7th 2003, Emma Quinones has everything to become a great artist.

Living in upstate New York, she has now been making music for 4 years and she is not ready to stop anytime soon!

Influenced by many artists but mainly by Post Malone and Lil Tjay that she idealizes.

The young artist, just like her idols did before her, is joining the Hip-Hop/Rap genre. Not only is she making music, she also knows how to play the violin, a true prodigy of many traits.

Emma is not scared of going forward in her music career and is taking big steps. She has performed in Brooklyn NY on stage one of her original songs “Unbreakable Bond” and is also collaborating with other bigger artists such as Westcrav, Wannybabyy, Slim Spitta, Seybin and Jay Machiavelli.

“I have already accomplished a lot in my music career in such a short amount of time. I plan to further myself in this industry by working with many famous artists. I would love to collaborate with Lil Tjay as he inspired me to make music, help me find my sound and start my career as a music artist” Emma said.

She just came out with her new single “Mood” featuring artist “Westcrav” and is in the middle of shooting a new music video for one of her other top upcoming songs “Heartless”.

The young artist loves to dance and upload content on the platform “Tik-Tok” where she is including her own songs in the background, creating unique content to grow her fanbase and reach a broader audience.

To conclude Emma Quinones is definitely an artist to be on the watch for.

She is planning on releasing a new single which she has been working on for sometime now, so keep a close eye on this upcoming star.

You can also follow Emma directly on her Instagram @emmaquinonesmusic where she is super active to keep up with her new releases and daily posts.

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