“Its Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know.” How Entrepreneur & Influencer Scotty Huss Changed His Life

Scotty Huss always strived for more than just a regular life. While working at a local gym, Scotty ran into a wealthy young man who seemed to have his life together. After one short conversation and a quick break for lunch, Scotty decided to quit his job that day and pursue his dream of making 7 figures a year.

Scotty decided that he would never work for someone else again. He knew he needed to find a new way to make money. Eventually, that would appear in the form of network marketing. Scotty would then work in the network marketing industry for three years before making his first 7-figure income — proving that hard work and dedication takes time, but it truly does pay off. But even with all of his successes he had on paper, he wanted to try and help the people he met along the way.

Today, in his network marketing company Beyond, Scotty has helped twenty people earn a six-figure income and hundreds of others earn thousands per month with leaders all over the United States, Columbia, Spain, Portugal, Puerto Rico, London, United Kingdom, and Mexico. He is a servant leader who has ambitions to teach others how to truly believe in themselves in order to obtain their wildest dreams. Through faith and the word of God, Scotty has impacted and changed the lives of many across the globe.

Scotty makes it clear that starting your own business is very difficult and intimidating for many people. He encourages others to enter the world of network marketing as its a great and alluring entry point for many business minded individuals who are looking for personal growth, financial flexibility and a passive or residual income. Personal growth for him is very important and it is something he discusses adamantly in his speeches. It’s not about how many times you fail, but rather it’s about how many times one can continue to strive towards success even after being knocked down.

Scotty constantly urges the people he meets to remember a time when something seemed impossible. Perhaps learning how to ride a bike seemed near impossible when you were younger; it took several cuts and bruises before you were actually able to keep you balance and ride away. Scotty believes teaching people how to conquer whatever it is that you want to do by also teaching you the many skills and benefits of network marketing.

As a speaker and entrepreneur, Scotty truly understands the idea of giving up comfort and stability for something greater. For him, chasing and obtaining financial freedom was far more worthwhile than sitting back and contemplating why he didn’t take enough chances in life. Scotty Huss is a testament to how work ethic and having a deep love for your faith will never misguide you.




Mojomora has interviewed high-profile verified celebrities including X-Factor Finalist Joey Djia, multi-millionaire Sean Kelly, & Dance Trainer Lexy Panterra.

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Mojomora has interviewed high-profile verified celebrities including X-Factor Finalist Joey Djia, multi-millionaire Sean Kelly, & Dance Trainer Lexy Panterra.

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