Exclusive Interview: Pro Skateboarder Cody French

1 min readJun 22, 2021



My name is Cody French, I am 23 years old from Toronto Canada.

I’ve been skateboarding for about 12 years!

I’ve travelled all over from California, Miami, New York, Arizona for different competitions and events.

I met a ton of friends on the way that I am still friends with to this day; that’s my favorite part about

traveling and skateboarding.

I love meeting up with all my friends around the globe to relax and vibe with each other.

I also enjoy learning from each other and creating memories.

Traveling to Tampa, Florida for “Tampa Am” was one of my biggest accomplishments because I was terrified to skateboard in a Major Amateur competition at a young age but overcame my fears!

California is my ultimate favorite place in the world as they have the best street spots, skateparks and the skateboard environments.

Its is absolutely amazing.

I filmed my first video part in Los Angeles, California!

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