In 2021, entering the music scene is no easy task.

With such a wide array of artists from such unique backgrounds, the music industry today is truly made up of some of the most hardworking entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet; and artist Rome Lucio is one of them.

You might know…


Every once in awhile you will encounter someone in your life with a certain level of star power.

As many believe, star power isn’t something you can necessary ascertain, but rather it’s something innate; something you are indescribably born with; and star power is just the beginning when it comes…

Tell us a little more about how you first got into making music!

Of course it was hip hop artists and 90s r&b — but it was also when I saw a movies like: “The Temptations,” “Jackson 5” or Ritchie Valens from “La Bamba.”

Those are the stories that kind of really inspired me; stories like Eminem in 8 Mile, you feel me?


Today, being able to grow a large social media following and generate insights on your posts could actually be a full-time job in many senses.

For artist Elliott Bali, garnering an interest from the masses has actually been more about the passion than the reward.

Elliott Bali’s music style could…


Tyler Valenzia was born October 14th, 1998.

He grew up in a small community in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

At the age of 2 years old, Tyler almost lost his life when he was attacked by two dangerous rottweilers.

After going through multiple surgeries, doctors were able to save his right…

Svndwn is a solo musician from Staten Island, New york.

Before releasing his latest track “Tight Jeans” he primarily made songs that were in the Hip-Hop, lo-fi hip and Trap metal genres.

Svndwn started making music in early 2017 under his original artist name “Anthony Svn’’ which then changed to…


Mojomora has interviewed high-profile verified celebrities including X-Factor Finalist Joey Djia, multi-millionaire Sean Kelly, & Dance Trainer Lexy Panterra.

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