Bradley is a singer, songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Los Angeles California.

Bradley has worked on blockbuster movies, totaling several billions of dollars in box office sales and with Platinum selling artists that include; The Lonely Island, Gotye, Tegan and Sara, and G-Eazy.

With over 21 years of making music, Bradley opened his own business, Radium Media in Hollywood, CA. just under 5 years ago where he continues to work on major motion picture releases, television series, and recording artists’ albums.

Bradley has most recently produced and composed original music for the Netflix original series: Abstract: The…

On April 7, 2021 popular artist ‘pre kai ro’ dropped 3 of his most highly anticipated singles ‘Garden’, ‘1’, & ‘Cold’.

Pre Kai Ro, tell us a little more about how you first got into music?

I had a very international childhood.

Born in Oman to Egyptian parents, I grew up across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Being an only child, music kept me company — I was pretty much raised on Rock and Hip hop with Egyptian music constantly playing in my household.

The musical influences were overwhelming and really shaped who I am today — I realized nice and early that music was my calling.

I recorded acoustic covers in my bedroom…

Akeem, tell us a little more about how you first got into Acting?

Acting was not my first love.

I wanted to be a financial banker because of Micheal Douglas.

I watched The Game and that movie inspired me so much; the 2000 BMW 740i, his custom suits, the excitement of the stock exchange office, and the personal maid that lived at his house.

Plus, math is my favorite subject and I love punching numbers in a calculator so the job fit me perfectly.

But one day, while working at Ralph’s grocery store, a loyal customer changed my life.

I was working as a cashier when I caught a customer I knew quite…

Tell us a little more about how you first got into motivational speaking?

It all started when I was in high school at a very low point in life.

I was always skipping class not wanting to better myself the way the school wanted me to.

I wanted to learn on my own.

They wanted me to learn what they wanted but I knew it would be pointless in life because I was never going to use anything except for English class.

I was very smart when in books of my choice and doing studies on the human mind, also learning correct history and informing people on how it all worked.

I always…

Justin, tell us more about how you got into film & photography?

Well actually, I got into photography while I was in film school.

I think that’s pretty funny, but I started doing it mainly because I didn’t have any money to make the films I wanted to make.

Also, I was wearing a lot of hats at the time so I was making clothes too and I wanted to shoot all the promo for my clothes.

For now, I mostly stick to photography, film, and graphic design, but I have a feeling I’ll be coming back around to clothes again in some time.

I truly adore the way photographs can capture…


Visionz2turnt, Javon Everett, is a versatile rapper from Washington, D.C.

Since age 11, Everett has never stopped making music.

Everett has been able to connect with his fans beyond the surface level.

For his fans, Everett’s lyrics have received most of the attention. The music he has produced has touched many lives from across the globe, which is in the millions.

His most recent song, “Sedulous,” which means cannot be beaten easily, has just been released.

Because he is in love with the music he continues to strive to be better than the next and deliver nothing but the truth…

Hey Prince! Tell us a little more about how you first got into entertainment?

I was always the kid who was asked to sing, dance, and entertain at every family function.

So entertaining was already embedded in my DNA.

I loved every bit of the attention I received from making others happy.

So the foundation was set long before making this as my career.

It was 7 years ago I came to Atlanta broke & homeless.

I knew that I wanted to hit the ground running and so I did just that.

Nothing was gonna stop me from achieving my goals.

It was then, where I met Kandi Burruss of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”…

Create expression is one of the most fascinating phenomenons that each person is born with.

However, it begs the question of where does creative expression even come from?

Some say it could be genetic while others argue it’s a random phenomenon that can’t always be broken down by scientists.

For artist JMC Bugatti, also known as Jeremiah McLaughlin, creative expression began at the early age of 13.

Jeremiah attributes his grandfather, a lifelong musician and guitarist, for teaching him the fundamentals of music and creative expression.

When he turned 15 years old, Jeremiah met Rockaway, a producer from New Jersey…


I know how hard it is for ya’ll to get into a new artist. It’s an investment, I get it. Adding another artist to your playlists; finding them on social media; watching new music videos…

Dark Fam. Listen to Caden Only.

Trust us. It’s worth the investment.

Caden Only is the type of artist that’ll blow up faster than you can comment “First!” in the comment section.

He’s the type of artist that’ll blow up faster than you can say “Damn, I miss the old Caden…”

We listened to “Like a Fountain” and it’s...see for yourself.

Sometimes, you…


“Never fitting in has never felt so good.” — Mac Glitzy

Meet Mac Glitzy the non-binary, emo-trap recording artist and social media star (pronouns: they/them/theirs/dude) making music and content with a gothic flair while defying gender norms.

Born Mackenzie Roberts February 27, 1997 in the small rural community of New Martinsville W.V. to family of Italian American decent.

Glitzy’s content has gained a dedicated queer & emo following thanks to their spin on mixing pop-punk vocals, with metal-trap beats along with visual satire of colliding the worlds of glam and grunge together.

Glitzy’s first mixtape “Devil Baby” released on Soundcloud…


Mojomora has interviewed high-profile verified celebrities including X-Factor Finalist Joey Djia, multi-millionaire Sean Kelly, & Dance Trainer Lexy Panterra.

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